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Featured Articles

Immovable Property Tax in Cyprus

All property owners in Cyprus are subject to Immovable Property Tax which is calculated on the total value of their properties at the beginning of each year.

Minimum Income Allowance

GMI/EEE offers a minimum standard of living for Cyprus Residents subject to certain criteria. The allowance covers the basic needs for survival in Cyprus.

Unemployment Benefit in Cyprus

The unemployment period is usually hard and stressful. Find how the unemployment benefit works, how much you should expect to receive and when you can reapply. 

Submit the Annual Return (HE32)

Companies are required to submit the Audited Financial Statements accompanied with the Annual Return (HE32 form) once a year to the Registrar of Companies.

Sickness Benefit in Cyprus

Employed or Self-employed persons who are unable to work temporarily due to sickness and illness are entitled to the Sickness Benefit subject to certain conditions.
Redundancy Law in Cyprus

Employees working for at least 104 weeks for the same employer and their employment is terminated due to redundancy are entitled to a redundancy payment.

Child Benefit in Cyprus

Parents who have at least 1 child under the age of 15 years and have been residing in Cyprus for the last 3 consecutive years are entitled to the Child Benefit.

Personal Income Tax in Cyprus

Cyprus Tax Residents are liable to to be taxed on their worldwide income in Cyprus. Overseas taxes can be credited against their personal income tax liability.

Most Favourable Tax System in EU

Cyprus has double tax treaties with 47 countries and sustains one of the most attractive Corporation Tax Rates and Intellectual Property Tax Regimes in EU. 

Social Security Scheme in Cyprus

Persons working in Cyprus must pay social insurance contributions. There are three categories of insured persons: employees, self-employed and voluntary contributors.

Invalidity Pension in Cyprus

Persons who have lost over 50% of their work capacity and are expected to remain permanently disabled are entitled to invalidity pension (disability allowance). 
How to prepare your Business Plan

Business planning serves as a framework of your business and it is an ongoing process that will assist you in order to develop a successful business.

Employer's Obligations in Cyprus

The Employers in Cyprus are obliged to provide to their employees with certain employment rights which are enforceable by legislation in order to protect the employees.

Maternity Leave Benefit

Pregnant women and newly mothers who are working in Cyprus are entitled to the maternity leave benefit regardless of the time for which they have been working.

Maternity Grant in Cyprus

The Maternity Grant is an one-off payment to each woman who gave birth while living in Cyprus and is payable in addition to the Maternity Benefit.

Regulatory Requirements in Cyprus

The last thing that you will need when you run your business is a problem with the government authorities for not complying with the necessary requirements.